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“Computational thinking is recognized as an essential skill for kids in today's and tomorrow’s digital age. It goes beyond just programming computers; it empowers kids to understand and shape the technology that surrounds them. Perhaps most importantly, it prepares them for a world where digital literacy is a fundamental requirement.” 

Panagiotis Theocharis, Founder of en[i]gma 

Alexandra Vrachoriti

Dimitris Mpalatos

Konstantinos Kritharidis

Andreas Kalavas

Konstantinos Freris

Nefeli Kostakopoulou

Sotiris Liagkas

Giorgos Zamparas

Panagiotis Theocharis

Vasiliki Pantoula

Grigoris Vasilopoulos

Manos Zeakis

Behind en[i]gma stands a team of coding enthusiasts who are on a mission. Team Enigma wants to show children and teens how to unleash their creativity through coding and programming - and have a lot of fun in the process. 


>3rd> edition // 15.Dec.24

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